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Tuesday 20th of November 2018

Mickey Mouse in other languages

    Language & Name
    Croatian: Miki Maus
    Czech: Mickey Mouse or Myšák Mickey or Mickey
    Danish: Mickey Mouse
    Dutch: Mickey Mouse
    Esperanto: Micjo Muso
    Estonian: Miki Hiir
    Finnish: Mikki Hiiri
    French: Mickey Mouse
    German: Micky Maus
    Hungarian: Miki Egér
    Icelandic: Mikki Mús
    Indonesian: Miki Tikus
    Italian: Topolino
    Lithuanian: Peliukas Mikis
    Norwegian: Mikke Mus
    Polish: myszka Miki
    Portuguese: Rato Mickey
    Spanish: Ratón Mickey
    Swedish: Musse Pigg
    Slovenian: Miki Miška
    Turkish: Miki Fare

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